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Custom Foot Orthotics

Pic of Orthotics.jpgCustom Foot Orthotics

We are now able to offer custom inserts for your shoes that correct for foot posture abnormalities and can be very helpful for numerous conditions including plantar fasciitis, flat feet, pronation and other foot conditions. Additionally, these orthotics can help with knee, hip and back conditions by normalizing the posture of your feet and stabilizing all of your weight bearing joints.

The process starts with a precise casting of both feet in a specialized foam impression box. The orthotics fabricating facility then takes multiple measurements from the impression and makes a cast of your feet from which the orthotics are made.

These are phenomenal inserts widely used by athletes, people with foot and joint problems, workers who are on their feet on a hard surface and many others. Sometimes insurances may cover part of their cost. With an average cost for custom orthotics at $300-$500 per pair, we are able to offer these inserts for significantly less.

Custom Orthotics $250

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